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Fully automatic solder paste printer GSD-PM400A

Fully automatic solder paste printer GSD-PM400A

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Technical parameters of SMT fully automatic solder paste printer GSD-PM400A

Small mesh frame size:420X500mm
Large mesh frame size:737X737mm
Mesh frame thickness:25-40mm
PCB small size:50X50mm
PCB large size:400X300mm
PCB thickness:0. 2-6mm
PCB warpage:Max PCB diagonal 1%
Transmission height:900 ± 40mm
Transmission direction:left right; Right Left; Left Left; Right Right
Transportation speed:Max 1500mm/S
PCB positioning support method:magnetic ejector pin/manually adjustable lifting platform
PCB positioning and clamping method:unique top flattening, edge clamping, and vacuum nozzle
Printing head:Two independent motors drive the printing head
Scraper speed:6~300mm/s
Scraper pressure:0-10Kg/cm
Scraper angle:55 ° (Standard) standard
Scraper type:steel scraper (standard), rubber scraper
Steel mesh separation speed:0. 1-20mm/sec
Cleaning method:dry, wet, vacuum pumping
Workbench adjustment range:X ± 5mm; Y ± 5mm; θ ± 2 °
Repetitive positioning accuracy:± 0. 009mm
Printing accuracy:± 0. 023mm
Printing cycle:<10s
Switching time:<5Min
Air usage:4. 5-6Kg/cm
Power supply:AC220 ± 10%, 50/60HZ, 1-3KW
Control method:PC Control
Machine dimensions:1146 (L) X1364 (W) X1440 (H) mm
Machine weight:1000Kg
PCB transfer height:35mm