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Automatic Loader

Automatic Loader

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Product Features:

Touch screen display, PLC control, menu operation interface, easy to operate;

A wide range, you can use a standard rack, versatile, the max capacity 6 racks ;

Rack can be set according to PCB lifting step height or thickness;

Auto production and yield statistics query;

With standard signal communication lines, easy to connect with each other and other SMT Equipment.

ItemAuto Loader equipment
Control methodPLC
PCB size50*50*0.8mm—W460*L530*2mm
Transport high900±20mm
Transmission directionL→R(R→L)
Step choose10/20/30/40/50
Rack Specifications535*460*563
Power supplyAC220V 50/60HZ
Air pressure5—7kg/cm2

Easy to operate, reliable structure, insightful material selection, and superior quality.

Product specifications: Weight: 65KG

Power supply voltage: single item 220V (or 110V)

Power: ≤ 50W

External dimensions: 500 x 478 x 1024 mm

Working PCB range: 260 x 350mm (can be customized if needed)

Working environment temperature: 10-35 ℃


Durable and stable sheet metal main frame design,

Effective cylinder push plate design ensures that the PCB board is not damaged by pushing

Human machine touch screen operation interface, highly simple human-machine dialogue, easy to operate and understand

Panasonic PLC program control, multifunctional circuit and program design, stable performance, ensuring smooth and smooth production line, and maximizing production capacity

Humanized programming design, 5 pitch options, and the ability to set the spacing between push PCB boards

Capacity setting can achieve planned production control (sound and light prompts)

Sound and light alarm system, human-machine interface screen abnormal information prompt, maintenance is simpler and more convenient