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Automatic PCB Transfer

Automatic PCB Transfer

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ItemAuto Transfer equipment
Control methodMitsubishi PLC Control
PCB size50*50*—W350*L1200(mm);2in 1 out
Fix Chain DistanceAdjust from 100mm-600mm
Transport high910±30mm
Transmission directionR→L
Power supplyAC220V 50HZ-60HZ
Air pressure5—7kg/cm2

The parallel transfer machine GSD-PY331 is a parallel transition conveying equipment used between two conveyor lines with deviations between the two ends or the center line of an automated production line. It mainly consists of several parts such as frame components, transfer trolley, conveying guide rail, and electrical control.

1. Using one or two mobile trolleys to move back and forth between two specific positions, in order to achieve automated and perfect docking between SMT or plug-in equipment and logistics system equipment, such as converging or diverting transportation in specific situations such as 1 in 2 and 2-in-1 or 3-in-1.

2. Applicable: A production mode that automatically transfers workpieces (PCBs or sheet materials) to the next specific equipment through offset translation connection between multiple production lines (DIP, SMT or other processes).

3. Energy saving solution for SMT process: Only one reflow soldering machine is needed for 2 to 4 SMT wires, or only one wave soldering machine is needed for 2 plug-in wires

Process Configuration Table of GRANDSEED Parallel Transfer Machine GSD-PY331

PCB board width: 50-300MM adjustable

Input power supply: AC220V/50-60HZ (independent electrical box control)

Conveying height: 750+/-20mm

Conveyor motor: Zhongda motor (ZD)