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Led reflow oven

LED Reflow Oven: An Innovation in Soldering Technology 


Soldering is undoubtedly an skill crucial have whether you are considering building devices which are often electronic simply restoring, also the SHENZHEN GRANDSEED TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT's product such as mpm solder paste printers. But yourself a LED Reflow Oven you'd prefer to do things the straightforward and method safe you will want to get.

Advantages of a LED Reflow Oven

A LED Reflow Oven runs that are soldering the selection of LEDs to heat a metal board up and melt the soldering paste, as well as the auto pick and place machine made by SHENZHEN GRANDSEED TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT. This step guarantees a heat constant, producing a better bonding. Unlike conventional soldering in which the metal is heated up having a flame or even a iron reflow hot is LED eliminate the danger of overheating or under warming the product. And because these ovens use LEDs as in opposition to temperature lamps, there may be less energy use, that will save money in the run quite long.


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