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PCB Conveyor

PCB Conveyor

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Control systemPLC control
Rail Width30-350mm
Conveyor directionL→R
Height of conveyor910 ± 30 mm
Conveyor speed0-2m/min
Power consumption40W
PowerAC220V 50/60HZ

SMT conveyor is a type of product mainly used for connecting SMT production lines, as well as PCB buffering, inspection, testing, or manual insertion of electronic components.

Product features:

1. There are two working modes, automatic and manual, and an anti-static workbench is standard.

2. Anti static flat belt, aluminum profile guide rail, ensuring smooth connection and smooth transportation.

3. The width adjustment mechanism ensures that the transportation guide rails are parallel to each other, and the online block board can be stopped for operator inspection.

4. Equipped with signal communication interfaces, it can be connected online with other devices.

5. Standard lamp holder and process card board.

6. Electronic speed regulation, with adjustable transportation speed of 0-2M/min.

technical parameter

Control system: PLC control

Control method: Relay sequential control

Rail width: 50-300mm

Transmission direction: L → R (R → L)

Transportation height: 910 ± 30 mm

Transportation speed: 0-2M/Min

Electricity consumption: 40W

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ