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Infrared reflow

Infrared Reflow: How it Works, and Why it's Awesome.  

What is infrared reflow? 

Infrared reflow is an ongoing process used in electronic circuit board manufacturing just like the SHENZHEN GRANDSEED TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT monteur de copeaux automatique. It involves using infrared radiation to heat the board in addition to solder paste to a temperature that causes the solder to melt, forming a strong bond the components plus the board. This system is faster and more efficient than traditional practices of soldering, making it a popular option the electronics industry.

Advantages of Infrared Reflow

There are many advantageous assets using infrared reflow as a soldering method. For starters, it is much faster than traditional types of soldering, that could take a right long time require a lot of labor. infrared reflow Can be done in merely a full few minutes according to the measurements of the board. 

In addition, infrared reflow and even the SHENZHEN GRANDSEED TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT machine automatique de transfert et de placement smt is more efficient than traditional type of soldering. It calls for less energy to heat the board plus the solder paste, this means reduced energy costs and a carbon inferior footprint. And as the process is automated, there is certainly less possibility of human error, leading to better consistency and quality inside the final product.


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