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For those reasons, we like vacuum reflow soldering.    

Compare to the traditional methods, vacuum reflow soldering is more safer and efficient. In comparison to conventional soldering, SHENZHEN GRANDSEED TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT конвекционная пайка оплавлением significantly decreases the release of dangerous fumes for more secure operations. Its novel approach also offers faster soldering times, less waste and greater precision in electric circuit assembly.    

Vacuum reflow soldering innovation

Vacuum reflow soldering is a new technology, it has improved the electronic assembly process. This SHENZHEN GRANDSEED TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT конвекционное оплавления cleans components in a controlled vacuum, at low temp and pressure, hence it can remove any surface contamination which will improve Soldering fluency of the joints.   

One potential cleaning technique used in the vacuum reflow soldering process is Post-Process Flux Cleaning, also known as "cleanliness level 1".  

In electronic assembly safety comes first, vacuum reflow soldering machines are equipped with a number of built-in features that ensure the system is always safe to use. This includes vacuum pumps for gas and fume extraction, as well as alarms which inform the user about possible security risks like a temperature drift or poisonous gases.   


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