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Surface mount reflow oven

A surface mount reflow oven is a piece of equipment used in the realm of electronics assembly to adhere parts onto circuit boards. This is done by heating the board and components to a specific temperature, causing a special solder paste to melt that then fixes these components in place. These ovens are a crucial apparatus for the electronics manufacturing industry, aiding in quick and spot-on assembly of complex; small sized products.

    Benefits of Surface Mount Reflow Ovens

    Surface mount reflow ovens are beneficial devices in a number of ways. One, they are incredibly operationally efficient. The result is faster board heating and cooling meaning quicker production times and a more productive machine. Further they offer a higher level of precision over other assembly methods, placing only the components exactly where required. Surface mount Technologies ovens are much smaller in length and cleanup space than usual assembly machinery which licenses them to be utilized as a part of varying production location.

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