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Equipment selection basis for small and medium sized SMT production Line

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The small and medium-sized SMT production line is mainly suitable for research institutes, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, to meet the production tasks of multiple varieties, medium and small batches or single varieties, medium and small batches, and can be fully automatic or semi-automatic lines. The pick and place machine generally uses medium and small machines. If the output is relatively small, a high-speed multi-function machine can be used. If there is a certain production, a multi-function pick and place machine and two high-speed pick and place machines can be used. Grandseed shared with you the selection basis for small and medium SMT production line equipment.

1. Determine the scale of the SMT equipment production line based on product type, production, recent development planning, and existing production conditions.

The establishment of an SMT production line should first clarify what electronic products are processed on the production line, how many kinds of products, the complexity of the products, how many components are on each product, and the annual output; there are plans to increase product varieties and expand production in the near future; The establishment of a new production line or the actual situation of the old production line to be rebuilt or expanded. According to the above specific conditions to determine the scale of the production line, calculate the need for several SMT pick and place machines to complete the placement task. If it is a reconstruction or expansion, which SMT devices can continue to use. If there is a plan to expand production in the near future, the SMT production line should also consider extendibility.

2. Determine the type of SMT equipment according to the assembly density of the electronic product, the type and quantity of the mounted components.

If it is a high-density, multiple pin,narrow pitch and large size SMD component, there are special-shaped components, you must choose a multi-function pick and place machine, if a multi-function pick and place machine can not be placed on the task, then should also be configured a high-speed pick and place machine.

3. Determine the SMT equipment selection plan according to the product's process plan.

If the product is relatively simple. When using surface assembly or single-sided mixing process, you can choose reflow soldering furnace or wave soldering machine for welding equipment; if the product is more complicated, the assembly density is higher, and there are more double-sided mixed parts of the inserted components, When welding and wave soldering are used, two types of welding equipment, reflow oven and wave soldering machine, should be selected; if the product needs cleaning, it must be equipped with cleaning equipment.

4.According to the capital conditions of the enterprise

If funds are scarce, the performance-price ratio of SMT equipment should be given priority.