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Congratulations to Chairman Hu wen who was hired as professor of Guangdong University of Technology

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Grandseed, under the leadership of Chairman Hu wen. All members through 15 years of hard work, has now become an automated electronics manufacturing equipment industry leader brand, and lead the Shenzhen Song Jian robot company through four years of efforts, has been in the industrial robot industry a firm foothold healthy development.

Chairman Hu Wen made a speech at Guangdong University of Technology

Chairman Hu Wen and Guangdong University of Technology signed

Hu Wen, chairman and brother unit togethergroup photo

Guangdong University visiting professor appointed chairman Hu steady

Grandseed is currently the main products are divided into three blocks, SMT automated production equipment (products include automatic solder paste printing machine,SMT  placement machine, reflow, wave soldering and other SMT peripheral production equipment); Second, automated electronic production line (The main main LED automation production line ', LED fluorescent automatic production line, LED panel lights automated production line, LED bulb automatic production line and LED street lamp automation production line'); Third, the industrial robot industry (the main project for the automatic spraying robot and polishing robot).

Guangdong University of Technology fancy Grandseed enterprise development prospects and Grandseed in industrial automation development strength, the Grandseed Industrial Park as Guangdong University of Technology production and research base, in December 2016, Guangdong University of Technology Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering Institute of the formal appointment of chairman of the Grandseed, chairman of Hu, as a guest professor. The following is the Guangdong University of Technology issued a letter of appointment.