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How to use reflow oven

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The reflow soldering machine is mainly used in the SMT process. In the SMT process, the main function of the reflow soldering machine is to put the PCB board with components into the track of the reflow soldering machine. After heating, heat preservation, welding, cooling, etc. In the process, the solder paste is changed from paste to liquid through high temperature, and then cooled to solid, so as to realize the function of soldering chip electronic components and PCB boards. The main function of the reflow soldering machine is to weld the PCB board and components, which has the functions of high production efficiency, less welding defects and stable performance.

Conditions of using reflow soldering machine

1,Choose the right material and method for reflow soldering.

Because the selection of materials is very critical, it must be recommended by an authoritative organization, or it must be confirmed to be safe after using it before. There are many factors to consider when selecting materials: such as the type of soldering device, the type of circuit board, and its surface coating condition . As for the correct method, it is necessary to carry out according to your own actual situation, remember not to completely imitate others, because of the different types of components and the distribution and quantity of different components on the board, these need to be carefully studied.

2,Determine the process route and conditions.

This is to develop samples for lead-free soldering. After the material is selected and the method is determined, the test of the welding process can be started, so it cannot be ignored.

Operation steps of reflow soldering machine:

1,Check whether there is any debris in the reflow soldering machine, keep it clean, and then turn it on after ensuring safety, and select the production program to turn on the temperature setting.

2,Since the width of the guide rail of the reflow soldering machine should be adjusted according to the width of the PCB, the air transport, mesh belt transport and cooling fan should be turned on.

3,The temperature control of Grandseed reflow machine has the highest lead (245±5)℃, the furnace temperature of lead-free products is controlled at (255±5)℃, and the preheating temperature is 80℃~110℃. According to the parameters given by the welding production process, the computer parameter settings of the reflow soldering machine are strictly and strictly controlled, and the parameters of the reflow soldering machine are recorded on time every day.

4,Turn on the temperature zone switches in sequence, and when the temperature rises to the set temperature, you can start to pass, PCB, board, and pay attention to the direction of the board. Ensure that the distance between two consecutive boards of the conveyor belt is not less than 10mm.

5,Adjust the width of the conveyor belt of the reflow soldering machine to the corresponding position, the width and flatness of the conveyor belt are consistent with the circuit board, and check the batch number of the material to be processed and related technical requirements.

6,The small reflow soldering machine must not be too long and the temperature is too high to cause copper and platinum blistering; the solder joints must be smooth and bright, and the circuit board must be tinned on all pads; the poorly soldered circuit must be reworked, and the second reflow must be cooled after cooling conduct.

7,To wear gloves to access the soldered PCB, only touch the edge of the PCB, sample 10 samples per hour, check the bad condition, and record the data. In the production process, if it is found that the parameters cannot meet the production requirements, the parameters cannot be adjusted by themselves, and the technician must be notified immediately.

8,Measure the temperature: Insert the sensors into the receiving socket of the tester in turn, turn on the power switch of the tester, put the tester in the reflow soldering and reflow with the old PCB board, take it out and use the computer to read the tester in Grandseed. The recorded temperature data during the reflow soldering process is the original data of the temperature curve of the reflow soldering machine.

9,Sort the welded boards according to the order number, name, etc., to prevent bad mixing.

Precautions for operation and use of reflow soldering machine

1,The temperature control range conforms to the specifications of the specification, and the control accuracy is within ±2.0°C;

2,The speed control meets the specifications of the manual, and the accuracy is controlled within ±0.2m/min;

3,The lateral temperature difference of the substrate movement (≤150mm spacing) is within ±10.0℃;

4,The appearance of the heater is complete and the electrical connection is reliable. The hot air fan runs smoothly and makes noise;

5,The guide rails can be adjusted freely and remain parallel. The effective width of the conveying substrate conforms to the specification

6,The operating system is working normally, the appearance of the instruments and meters is intact, the indication is accurate, and the reading is eye-catching, within the qualified use period;

7,The electrical equipment is complete, the pipelines are arranged in an orderly manner, and the performance is sensitive and reliable;

8,Regular maintenance inside and outside the equipment, yellow robe, grease, frequent inspection of the heating wire to avoid aging and leakage;

9,Do not touch the mesh belt during operation, and do not let water or oil stains fall into the furnace to prevent burns;

10,Ventilation should be ensured during welding operations to prevent air pollution, and operators should wear work clothes and masks;

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