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LED Automatic solder paste printing机 GSD-PM15I3DCategory:Wave soldering machine series



LED automatic solder paste printer GSD-PM15I3D function characteristics


☆ Adopt advanced image visual recognition system, independent control and adjustment of lighting, high-speed moving lens, accurate alignment of PCB and template to ensure printing accuracy of ±0.025mm.

☆ High-precision servo motor drive and PC control ensure printing accuracy and stability. The precise image recognition technology has ±0.008mm repeat positioning accuracy.

☆ Suspended printing head, specially designed high-precision stepping motor directly connected to drive the squeegee up and down, pressure, speed, and stroke are precisely controlled by the motion control card in the PC to make the printing quality more uniform and stable; the squeegee beam has been specially optimized Structure design, light and beautiful appearance.

☆ Manual/automatic screen bottom cleaning function can be selected. Automatic, non-assisted cleaning of the bottom surface of the screen, programmable control of dry, wet or vacuum cleaning, the cleaning interval can be freely selected, can completely remove the residual solder paste in the mesh, and ensure the printing quality.

☆ The combined workbench can set the thimble and vacuum suction cylinder according to the size of the PCB substrate, making the clamping faster and easier.

☆ The multi-functional board processing device can automatically position and clamp PCB boards of various sizes and thicknesses. It has a movable magnetic thimble, a vacuum platform and a vacuum box, which can effectively overcome the deformation of the board and ensure that the printed tin is uniform.

☆ It has a "WindowsXP window" operation interface and a wealth of software functions, a good man-machine dialogue environment, simple, convenient, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use.

☆ It has the function of self-diagnosing sound and light alarm and prompting the cause of the fault.

LED automatic solder paste printer GSD-PM15I3D performance advantages

● Effective cleaning structure provides: dry cleaning, wet cleaning, vacuum three cleaning modes, any combination mode can be programmed to use, so as to achieve a perfect cleaning effect.

● The ring-shaped high-brightness LED lamp, the adjustable four-way light source combination function, makes all kinds of mark marks well recognized (including irregular mark marks), suitable for tin plating, copper plating, gold plating, tin spraying, FPC, etc. Various shapes and colors of PCB boards.

● Adopt GSD original flexible clamping device and angle rotating platen device. The guide rail adopts a belt to convey the PCB, the speed is 1500mm/S variable speed, and it can realize arbitrary transmission of the PCB direction. The PCB support adopts a magnetic thimble and a vacuum nozzle fixing device. So as to satisfy Different PCBs hold positioning requirements.

● It is designed according to the different technical requirements of stencil printing and stencil printing and the reliability of lifting, considering the leakage of solder paste and the squeegee blade has a certain elastic clamping, squeegee pressure, lifting speed, printing speed, and printing process required Programmable modification of the scope provides a benign printing control window for the operator.

● For operators to realize the convenient clamping of various sizes of steel mesh, coupled with the effective automatic positioning function of the Y-direction steel mesh, the product model can be quickly changed in the actual production process.

● GSD unique patented scientific research mark recognition system, according to the mark recognition to read out the corresponding coordinate position value and the machine axis coordinate value using mathematical calculation formula to calculate the precise registration value, realize high-precision registration printing, thus easily realize 01005 pitch print.

LED automatic solder paste printer GSD-PM15I3D technical parameters

Minimum screen frame size: 737X737mm

Maximum screen frame size: 1500X750mm

Net frame thickness: 25~40mm

PCB minimum size: 80X50mm

Maximum PCB size: 1200X350mm

PCB thickness: 0.4~6mm

PCB warpage: <1%

Transmission height: 900±40mm

Transmission direction: left-right; right-left; left-left; right-right

Transport speed: 1500mm/S

PCB positioning support method: magnetic thimble/adjustable lifting platform/contour block

PCB positioning and clamping method: side clamp, vacuum nozzle

Print head: Two independent direct-coupled motors drive the print head

Scraper speed: 6~200mm/sec

Scraper pressure: 0~15Kg motor control

Scraper angle: 60°/55°/45°

Scraper type: steel squeegee standard, rubber squeegee

Steel mesh separation speed: 0.1~20mm/sec

Cleaning method: dry, wet, vacuum

Worktable adjustment range: X±10mm; Y±10mm; θ±2° 

Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.015mm

Printing accuracy: ±0.03mm

Printing cycle: <15s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)

Changing time: <5Min

Use air: 4.5~6Kg/cm2

Power supply: AC220±10%, 50/60HZ 1Φ 3KW

Control method: PC Control

Machine dimensions: 2220(L)X1200(W)X1500(H)mm

Machine weight: 1500Kg

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