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LED Lens placement machine GSD-T613DA/MNCategory:smt placement machine series

Introduction:The advantages and technical parameters of Guangshengde LED lens placement machine


Advantages of GSD-T613DA/MN LED lens mounter


GSD-T613DA/MN lens placement machine is characterized by a faster placement speed and more powerful lens placement machine

1. Integrated dual mount head design, Gigabit Ethernet six-eye flying camera, greatly improving the mounting efficiency;

2. Imported core accessories, bus control technology, modular wiring of the whole machine, stable and beautiful;

3. Super long substrate mounting, the largest substrate size: 1500mm(L)*350mm(W);

4. The world's leading visual scanning system meets high-precision placement requirements.

LED lens mounter T613DA/MN features

1. Independent research and development of Lens image recognition technology;

2. Gigabit network 1 million pixel flying camera;

3. Double cantilever and double working area mode;

4. Highly flexible cable;

5. Blue LED position scanning.

Model: GSD-T613DA/MN lens mounter

Positioning method: flying photo (1.2 million pixels)

Number of shafts: 2 arms * 6 nozzles (12 tips in total)

Mounting speed: theoretical 25000CPH, blue light 9000-12000CPH

PCB top plate method: double ejector mechanism, adjustable splint method

Mounting accuracy: ±50um

Corresponding components: LED lenses of various specifications

Corresponding PCB: 50(W)*50(L)MM—350(W)*1500(L)

Corresponding PCB thickness: 0.38—4.2mm

Feeder: Vibrating plate (two groups of six channels)

Power supply/air pressure: AC220V 0.5—0.7Mpa

Rated power: 2.5KW

Machine weight: 1600KG

Machine size: 1790(L)*1592(W)*1852(H)mm

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