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LEDDouble-head multi-function placement machine T613-4ACategory:smt placement machine series

Introduction:The technical parameters and advantages of the LED double-head multi-function placement machine, Guang Shengde placement machine has specially developed the LED power supply double...


The advantages of Guangshengde LED double-head multi-function placement machine T613-4A

1. Gigabit six-eye flying camera, greatly improving placement accuracy and efficiency;

2. The dual cantilever dual wage zone mode is more efficient, lower energy consumption, and faster; it has a wide range of adaptability and high compatibility.

3. Adopt X-axis linear motor + Y-axis low-noise precision screw structure, which greatly optimizes the service life and improves the placement accuracy;

4. Highly flexible cable, 50 million bends, improve stability, reduce failure rate, and extend material life by more than 8 years.

5. Compared with the same type of placement machine abroad, the energy consumption is reduced by more than 50%; it has a wide range of applications, high compatibility, accurate stability and international synchronization;

Many LED product circuit boards have to mount electrolytic capacitors, the height and volume of the mounted electrolytic capacitors. At present, many domestic placement machines cannot adapt to the placement of electrolytic capacitors. Guangshengde placement machines are specially developed for this situation. The LED power supply double-head multi-function placement machine T613-4A.

It has 12 double-head nozzles, each with 6 nozzles. One head can be mounted with lamp beads, and the other can be mounted with electrolytic capacitors or other special-shaped components (electrolytic capacitors can be mounted with a height of 23mm, and special-shaped components can be mounted with a height of 15mm. , Electrolytic capacitors or special-shaped components can be replaced by themselves to mount other components).

Guangshengde LED double-head multi-function placement machine T613-4A product parameters

Positioning method: fixed photo + mobile photo

Number of shafts: double arms * six nozzles (12 tips in total)

Mounting speed: 35000CPH

Mounting accuracy: ±50@u+3σ/chip

Corresponding components 0402-32mm BGA/QFP (H15MM)

Minimum PCB size: 50*50mm

Maximum PCB size: 320*1200mm

Feeder feeder quantity: 64 8mm feeders

Power supply/air pressure: AC220V/0.5-0.7Mpa

Rated power: 3.5KW

Body weight: 1600KG

Dimensions: 1750*1300*1460mm

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