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High-precision multi-functional general-purpose placement machine GSD-FH876Category:smt placement machine series

Introduction:Features, advantages and technical parameters of high-precision multi-functional general-purpose placement machine GSD-FH876


Features of GSD-FH876 High-precision Multifunctional General-purpose Mounter


1. Z-axis intelligent vector control technology;

2. Multi-axis bus type highly integrated servo controller;

3. Gigabit network twelve-lens flying camera;

4. Single gantry structure of linear motor;

5. High-speed bus control technology;

6. Imported brand magnetic levitation motor.


Advantages of high-precision multi-functional general-purpose placement machine GSD-FH876


1. Intelligent ultra-field-of-view, high-definition, high-integration, megapixel, gigabit, and twelve-lens flight camera, which improves the flight identification components of high-speed aircraft to SOP28 and directly uses flight cameras for the first time in the industry;

2. The mounting head control gas circuit adopts bus module installation, which can quickly load and unload the mounting head and improve efficiency;

3. Whether the high-precision Z-axis is a controller, which effectively guarantees the stability of the motion accuracy;

4. Z-axis intelligent vector control technology, the placement pressure is controllable, to ensure that the components are not damaged;

5. Highly flexible cable, 50 million bends, improve stability, reduce failure rate, and extend material life for more than 8 years;

6. Mainly used in smart home appliances, smart lighting, automotive electronics, avionics, and communications industries.


Model name: H824

Number of shafts: 2 heads * 12 nozzles

Mounting speed: 90000CPH

Mounting accuracy: ±50um

Corresponding components for flying camera: 0201-20*22mm

Single track PCB size: 50*50mm-450*550mm

Double track PCB size: 50*50mm-450*250mm

Feeder feeder quantity: 96 8mm

Power supply/air pressure: AC380V/0.5-0.7Mpa

Rated power: 7.5KW

Machine weight: 1900KG

Dimensions: 1850*1430*1550mm

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