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Small high-speed multi-function placement machine GSD-M306Category:smt placement machine series

Introduction:Guangshengde GSD-M306 small placement machine is a high-speed and multi-function placement machine that realizes multi-functional full-image mode. It can respond to small component...


Guangshengde GSD-M306 small placement machine is a high-speed and multi-function placement machine that realizes multi-functional full-image mode. It can respond to small components (0402, 0603, 3216, micro transistors, etc.) at high speed and efficiently, and can meet medium and large components. (SOP, QFP, aluminum electrolytic capacitor) range. It adopts arch structure. Linear motor. Front and rear material station. Front and rear flying camera.


Small high-speed multi-function placement machine GSD-M306 features and advantages

1) Using the network-based transmission of the motion photo component recognition camera, there is no waiting or pause in the component recognition process, and it can realize the maximum speed operation in response to small components and improve the production efficiency of the machine.

2) The operating power is 2.0-2.5kW, high-efficiency, energy-saving and electricity-saving.

3) The patch head control air circuit is installed with a bus module, which can quickly load and unload the patch head, and quickly handle and maintain the special abnormal situation, reducing time loss.

4) It adopts pneumatic and electric compatible material station base, which can be used by mixing electric and pneumatic feeders, and can be selected and used according to different materials, effectively controlling production costs.

5) The sports cable adopts a high-flexible sports cable that can be folded 50 million times, with long service life and high stability, which can greatly reduce electrical circuit abnormalities and failures.

Mounting size: 0402.0603~25mm*28mm, BGA is not supported;

Mounting height: MAX 15mm;

Mounting 0402 and smaller components requires: 1. Configure the flying camera mechanism to recognize smaller materials; 2. Need to use an electric feeder to ensure the stability of the material supply;

Flying camera (network interface type): 1.2 million pixels;

Fixed camera (USB2.0 interface type): 1.3 million pixels;

Component loading types: 64 kinds;

Mounting speed: 20000CPH (theoretical);

Mounting accuracy: ±0.05mm;

Throwing rate: 3‰ (three thousandths);

Handling height: 900±20mm;

Handling method: belt + stepper motor handling method;

Loading time: 4-5s (the circuit board is moved out → the circuit board is moved in → the circuit board splint);

Maximum handling capacity: MAX- 0.5Kg;

Mounting circuit board size: MAX500mm(L)×400mm(W) ~ MIN 55mm(L)×55mm(W) (sub-mounting specifications);

Mounting circuit board thickness: 0.5~4.5mm±10%;

Allow the circuit board to reverse and twist: MAX±1.0mm;

First mount component height: MAX 10.0mm;

Control method: The main CPU implements a real-time sharing processing system to process image data. At the same time, the position data is transmitted to the control card through CAN communication, and the control card is connected to the drive to control the servo;

Image recognition and correction: Use OpenVC related libraries and graphics algorithms to process images, and the flying camera uses hard triggers to maintain the maximum movement speed.

Number of feeders: 48 (8mm).

Power supply: 2-phase 220V±10%.

Frequency: 50HZ.

Power: 2.0~2.5kw.

Air source: 0.5MPa-0.7MPa.

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