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AOI Testing Equipment GSD-AOI913ECategory:smt peripheral equipment

Introduction:GSD-AOI913E on-line AOI inspection equipment uses AOI inspection equipment to monitor the PCB production process.


GSD-AOI913E on-line AOI inspection equipment uses AOI inspection equipment to monitor the PCB production process. Through the inspection of each PCB on the production line, the specific production status of the PCB can be monitored online, and the basis for adjusting the production process can be provided. When manufacturing low-mix high-volume products and product reliability is important, manufacturers will give priority to online AOI testing.

Technical parameters of Guangshengde online AOI testing equipment GSD-AOI913E

PCB flow direction: automatic, from left to right, from right to left, can be changed;

Transport width adjustment: automatic;

Transportation orbit: in front (standard);

NG/OK signal interface: standard;

Image betrayal method: logic algorithm, picture comparison, color image comparison/contour comparison/binarization reference comparison, comprehensive application, simple operation and programming;

Image recognition camera: Japan SONY original CCD color camera, resolution: 10 microns/dot;

Graphic recognition system light source: RGB ring LED structure light source;

0201 CHIP graphics processing speed: <6ms;

Each screen processing time: <100ms;

Detection of solder paste printing: presence, deflection, less tin, more tin, open circuit, pollution;

Detection of parts defects: missing parts, offset, skew, tombstones, side standing, overturned parts, reverse polarity, wrong parts, damage;

Detection of solder joint defects: too much tin, little tin, continuous tin;

Anti-static measures for the visual recognition system: anti-static, no static electricity;

PCB size: 25mm×25mm~380mm×480mm (special requirements can be customized);

PCB thickness: 0.5mm~2.5mm;

PCB warpage: <2mm (with fixture to assist in correcting deformation) (special requirements can be customized);

The height of mechanical system parts: 0.5mm-25mm (special requirements can be customized);

The latest parts of the mechanical system: 01005 components;

XY platform drive: high-precision screw (Taiwan HIWIN on the bank), and imported Mitsubishi servo motor motor system;

Positioning accuracy of XY platform: <25 um;

Moving speed of XY platform: 700mm/S (MAX);

Software operating system: pre-installed: Microsoft Win7;

Features of the recognition control system: statistical shape modeling, learning OK samples, automatically creating standard images, identifying data and error thresholds;

Recognition control system operation: graphical programming, self-contained component library, automatic generation of detection frames according to component shape selection criteria, precise automatic positioning, micrometer fine adjustment, fast manufacturing process;

Mark points: 2 commonly used Mark points can be selected, and the imposition of multiple Mark functions;

Mark point recognition speed: 0.5S/PCS;

Barcode two-dimensional code reading: read the barcode two-dimensional code on the PCB through the device's camera, and link with the maintenance workstation. (Optional);

Control system display screen: 22-inch brand LED display;

Control system host: industrial computer, Intel dual-core CPU 3G, DDR3 8G, 100G solid state drive;

Mechanical dimensions (L*W*H): 970mm * 1070mm * 1450mm;

Weight: about 550 kg;

Power supply: AC 220V volts ±10%, frequency 50/60Hz, rated power 600W

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