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What kind of equipment for LED SMT produce line needed

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Now, in the LED industry, Mainly adopt SMD to patch LED products, The surface mounting LED can solve the problems of brightness, viewing angle, flatness, reliability and susceptibility, but, when we working on LED patch processing, we also needed corollary equipment, So, which kind of equipment machine we need in the processing LED SMD?

The LED patch process can be simplified to: printing, patching, soldering, overhauling

1, The soldering printing equipment.

The modern soldering printer compose by loading plate, solder paste, stamp, and transmission board, The solder paste printing machine will first fix the circuit board to be printed on the printing positioning table, Then the solder paste or red glue is printed on the corresponding pad through the steel mesh by the left and right scrapers of the printing machine. for Printed balance PCB. transfer into SMT machine to automatic patching by conveyer.

2, The SMT equipment.

LED SMT machine is a machine which put the SMD to bonding pad accurately by move mounting head, use guide rail or linear motoe theory to control driving head, and need equipped professional spunbond nozzle head,  then it is only possible to eliminate the production of binders, etc, during the patching placement. Meantime, LED tank chain requested have enough toughness and ductility, then can make sure the stability and life span.

3, The reflow soldering equipment.

Reflow soldering, in surface mount technology (SMT), refers to an ingot-shaped or rod-shaped solder alloy that is melted and re-formed into tin powder (ie, spherical micro-tin balls), and then with organic excipients (flux) It is formulated into a solder paste; it is printed, stepped on the foot, patched, and remelted and cured to become a metal solder joint process. The welding process is a special process, and the operators engaged in special processes are trained to be qualified, and the operators strictly follow the operation documents to perform self-inspection and mutual inspection.

4, The SMT overhaul equipment.

That means the testing process can be added in every process to achieve the purpose of quality control.

Therefore, in the processing of LED patching, it is mainly used solder paste printing machine, LED SMT machine, reflow soldering machine, etc.