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What is wave soldering making

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The wave soldering is a equipment for welding electronic PCB products, after plug-in electronic componets plug onto PCB, weld up by wave soldering. Wave soldering has many kind such like, single wave soldering, slope wave soldering, high wave soldering, Turbulent wave soldering, Broad flat wave soldering, double wave soldering and Selective wave soldering, in the martketing now, use the double wave soldering mostly.

The wave soldering is a automatic welding equipment, it is improving based on submerged welding machine, the different between them is the solder tank of equipment,  wave soldering is usinf solder tank's mechanical or electromagnetic centrifugal pump,The molten solder is pressed against the nozzle to form a solder wave which is smoothly sprayed upward in the strand, and continuously overflows from the nozzle. The printed circuit board with the component passes through the solder wave in a linear plane motion to form an infiltration on the soldering surface. Welding is done by solder joints.

The two-wave system widely used on The market can generate two waves: turbulent wave and smooth (or laminar) wave, double wave soldering principle and wave soldering structure:

The wave soldering machine is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, a flux addition zone, a preheating zone, and a tin furnace.

The main purpose of the conveyor belt is to send the circuit board into the wave soldering machine, along the flux addition zone, preheating zone, tin furnace and so on.

The flux addition zone is mainly composed of an infrared sensor and a nozzle. The function of the infrared sensor is to sense the presence or absence of the circuit board. If there is a sensor, the width of the circuit board will be measured. The function of the flux is to form a protective film on the soldering surface of the circuit board.

The preheating zone provides sufficient temperature to form a good solder joint. Infrared heating can make the circuit board evenly heated.