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LED Multi-layer automatic aging line for display screenCategory:LED Intelligent production line

Introduction:Guangshengde LED display multi-layer automatic aging line picture video and technical configuration


LED display aging line configuration

1. Power mechanism: Taiwan TECO Motor P=2HP, Taiwan Chengda reducer

2. Tensioning mechanism: self-made by our factory

3. Line body: 917, 918 high-quality aluminum, Ningbo triple-number special chain, bracket 50/50 square pass production, computer color baking middle layer is a rework line.

4. Air circuit: 6-point standard air pipe, including three-way elbow

5. Air source triplet: Taiwan Shannais brand

6. Tooling board: PVC board is pasted with temperature-resistant rubber, the bottom is equipped with two rows of conductive copper bars, with 4 adjustable rods on the top, and matching grooves on both sides (for modules to be placed neatly) Specification: 1200*1100mm ( The tooling board is charged)

7. Electronic control: The key components are imported from Japan, Omron limit switch, spinner relay, Chint air switch, Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen

LED display aging line working video

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