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LED Ceiling lamp ring aging lineCategory:LED Intelligent production line

Introduction:Power: adopt Taiwan Kun 1.5KW three-phase motor, WPSO/A60-100 type 1:100 reducer, well-known brand 2HP inverter, frequency conversion speed regulation, linear speed 0.6-6M/min adju...


The basic configuration and structure of Guangshengde LED ceiling lamp aging line:

1. Power: adopt Taiwan Kun 1.5KW three-phase motor, WPSO/A60-100 type 1:100 reducer, well-known brand 2HP frequency converter, frequency conversion speed regulation, linear speed 0.6-6M/min adjustable.

2. Body and frame: The frame is made of 50×40×1.5mm rectangular steel pipes, the head and tail guards of the body are made of 1.2mm cold steel plate, the feet are equipped with galvanized adjustable feet; the body is 2 meters part.

3. Conveyor chain: C212A-inch double-pitch chain produced by Shanghai Chain Factory, with a loop length of about 30 meters.

4. Loading trolley: The specification is: L550mm×W440mm×H420mm. Each trolley is equipped with 3 street lamps for aging power supply terminal blocks and Lifa street lamp fixtures. At the same time, it is equipped with 8 pairs of four-position audio clips, and each trolley can age 3 LED street lights at the same time. 16 sets of LED ceiling lights and downlights. The side of the trolley is equipped with a 2-way conduction system, which uses a special electric copper brush to conduct electricity, and is equipped with a high-breaking miniature circuit breaker as a protection circuit. There are approximately 46 trolleys across the line.

5. Daily output: The entire line can age approximately 138 LED street lights at the same time, 138 LED street lights can be aged out every 1 hour of operation for 1 week, and the daily output can reach 1380 per day based on 10 hours. At the same time, it can age 828 LED downlights and ceiling lights at a time.

6. Light blocking shield: 8 sections of light blocking shields are set on both sides of the line body, which are made of brown organic glass plate and aluminum alloy. Effectively attenuate the light of energy-saving lamps and better protect the eyes.

7. Conductive trough: A conductive system (made of high-quality stainless steel) is installed on each side of the body frame along the side of the trolley, and arranged along the line on both sides

9. Detection beat circuit: arbitrarily set 1 zone as the beat life aging control zone. It adopts digital display time relay control, adjustable turn-off time, and voltage change output.

11. Full line voltage area: 4 voltage regulators across the line, 6 areas are designed for the line body, 10KW 3 voltage regulators 0-250V adjustable, 10KW voltage regulator 0-300V adjustable

12 Touch screen: The whole line is controlled by the Chinese brand Mitsubishi touch screen, and the time of the impact zone can be freely adjusted by the customer.

13. Electrical control: voltage and temperature control instructions adopt digital display type, the whole system adopts PLC control, 4 voltage regulators, and 1 power distribution control cabinet. Equipped with an emergency stop switch on the body to facilitate the timely stop when the light is on.

14. Body color: The whole line is computer white sprayed, and the aluminum alloy profile is the original color.

Guangshengde LED ceiling lamp aging line function Features:

LED street lamps, ceiling lamps, and downlight body aging lines are dedicated production equipment for LED lamp production. This equipment is dedicated to the automatic aging of LED street lamps, ceiling lamps and downlights. Observe whether the entire LED street lamp can withstand the impact of these voltages, such as explosive capacitor short circuit, etc., through the experience of high, medium and low voltages, impulse voltages, and simulated mains fluctuation voltages of LED street lamps, ceiling lamps, and downlights. Improve the quality of these products! The whole machine adopts imported PLC control, high-power voltage regulator, strong power output, LED street lights, ceiling lights, and downlights anywhere in the world can be aged on this equipment!

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