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Large-scale dual-track reflow soldering equipment GSD-L8HCategory:Reflow soldering machine series

Introduction:The independent transportation of dual guide rails enables two different models of products to be reflow soldered on the dual guide rails at the same time, and the production effic...


The detailed structure of the large-scale dual-track reflow soldering equipment of Guangshengde


Performance advantages of Guangshengde large-scale dual-track reflow soldering equipment

● The independent transportation of dual guide rails enables two different models of products to be reflow soldered on the dual guide rails at the same time, and the production efficiency can be doubled;

● In order to prolong the service life of the motor, our company’s technicians professionally designed it; make the internal cooling cycle convection, so that the temperature around the motor drops to about 38°C;

● The high-quality, high-temperature, high-speed motor has smooth wind, low vibration and low noise;

● Professional wind wheel design, stable wind speed, effectively prevent the uniformity of the wind when the PCB board is heated, and achieve higher repeated heating;

● Each temperature zone adopts forced independent circulation, independent PID control, and upper and lower independent heating methods, so that the temperature of the furnace chamber is accurate and uniform, and the heat capacity is large; the high-tech heating method solves the problem of dead corners during reflow soldering. Suitable for CSP, BGA, 0201CHIP and other electrical components welding;

● Online UPS equipped with power failure protection function to ensure the normal output of the PCB board after power failure without damage;

● Independently controlled cooling system, made of imported stainless steel, upper and lower cooling convection, the cooling curve is a mirror image of the welding temperature curve, which is in full compliance with the SMT international certification standard. (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0674965.6)

● The insulation layer is made of high-quality aluminum silicate insulation material, and the multi-layer insulation furnace design. The surface temperature of the furnace outer jacket is about 5 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, which effectively reduces the working environment temperature, has good insulation effect, and heats up quickly, from room temperature to working temperature ≤20min; Special furnace design, power consumption is the lowest in the industry;

special reminder

1. Guangshengde reflow soldering equipment is underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company of China, and the amount of compensation can reach 5 million. Guangshengde reflow soldering brings greater guarantee for customers' safe production.

2. The purchase of Guangshengde reflow soldering equipment can be paid by monthly installments, please consult Guangshengde for details.

ItemSpecification type
Control SystemComputer+PLC/Special MCU
Heating/cooling zoneA total of 16 heating zones and 2 cooling zones
Length of heating zone2950mm
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature~350℃
Temperature control accuracy±1~2 ℃
Three-point temperature difference±2℃
cooling methodForced air cooling (axial air cooling system)
PCB size(W)50~250mm
PCB Transmission height900±20mm
Delivery method4 chain rails + mesh belt conveyor (dual rails can control the transportation speed separately)
Transmission directionLeft → right
Transmission speed0~2000mm/min  Variable frequency adjustable
Double chain track widening range50~250mm
Transmission mesh belt width560mm
Power failure protectionUPS power supply
power supplyA3ø380V 50HZ
Normal operating power/total power4/73KW
Dimensions (L*W*H)5500mm(L)*1600mm(W)*1550mm(H)
net weight1970KG

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