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Medium-sized six-temperature zone hot air reflow soldering GSD-6MNCategory:Reflow soldering machine series

Introduction:All hot air reflow soldering is a soldering method that uses a convection nozzle or a heat-resistant fan to force the airflow to circulate to realize the heating of the weldment.


1. All hot air reflow soldering is a soldering method that uses a convection nozzle or a heat-resistant fan to force the airflow to circulate to realize the heating of the weldment. This type of equipment began to rise in the 1990s. Because the temperature of the printed board (PCB) and components using this heating method is close to the gas temperature in the given heating temperature zone, it completely overcomes the local temperature difference and shadowing effect of infrared reflow soldering, so it is currently widely used.

2. In order to extend the service life of the motor, our company’s technicians professionally designed it; the internal cooling cycle is convective, so that the temperature around the motor is reduced to about 38°C;

3. The high-quality, high-temperature, high-speed motor has smooth wind, low vibration and low noise;

4. Professional wind wheel design, stable wind speed, effectively prevent the uniformity of the wind when the PCB board is heated, and achieve higher repeated heating;

5. Each temperature zone adopts forced independent circulation, independent PID control, and independent upper and lower heating methods, so that the temperature of the furnace cavity is accurate and uniform, and the heat capacity is large;

6. Online UPS equipped with power-off protection function to ensure the normal output of the PCB board after power-off without damage;

7. Independently controlled cooling system, forced air cooling; the temperature of the PCB board after the machine is ≤50℃;

8. The insulation layer is made of high-quality aluminum silicate insulation material, and the multi-layer insulation furnace design. The surface temperature of the furnace outer jacket is about 5 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, which effectively reduces the working environment temperature, has good insulation effect, and heats up quickly, from room temperature to work. Temperature ≤20min; Special furnace design, power consumption is the lowest in the industry;

Guangshengde medium-sized six temperature zone full hot air reflow soldering GSD-6MN equipment installation instructions

One, the choice of installation location

Select the installation location first, and ensure that the workplace meets the following requirements:

1. Satisfy enough space for maintenance and operation of the machine;

2. Adequate lighting;

3. Unobstructed ventilation system.

The machine will be installed on an inelastic, firm, level ground that can bear the weight of the machine.

2. Height and level correction

The machine is equipped with foot cups and movable rollers. When the machine needs to be moved, the foot cup can be raised to push the machine manually. After ensuring that the ground is level, choose a location for the machine, then unscrew the foot cup, and then adjust the level of the machine.

Three, system connection

The main power supply is connected to the three-pole circuit breaker of the control box from the output end of the machine. The wiring must be firm. The diameter of the power cord should not be less than 25mm? (25mm? is recommended).

Four, power check and connection

When using the machine for the first time, due to transportation reasons or the pressure line is loose, you should pay attention to check the connection of the machine's power line. Check whether the terminal electrical equipment is well connected, whether debris or other debris has fallen into the connection or the connection is bare. Clear the debris first, connect the wiring, and then close the electric box and furnace cover.

5. Attention: Make sure that the power supply to the machine is matched with the required power supply. If it cannot be matched, do not connect the power supply to the machine.

Guangshengde medium-sized six-temperature zone full hot air reflow soldering machine is mass-produced and supplied from stock; customers and distributors all over the country are welcome to order


special reminder

1. Guangshengde reflow soldering equipment is underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company of China, and the amount of compensation can reach 5 million. Guangshengde reflow soldering brings greater guarantee for customers' safe production.

2. The purchase of Guangshengde reflow soldering equipment can be paid by monthly installments, please consult Guangshengde for details.

ItemSpecification type
Control SystemPC+PLC/Dedicated MCU
Heating/cooling zoneA total of 12 heating zones / full hot air up and down
Length of heating zone2480 mm
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature~350℃
Temperature control accuracy±1~2 ℃
Three-point temperature difference±2℃
cooling method强制风冷/2个独立冷却区  
PCB size30~350mm width
PCB Transmission height900±20mm
Delivery methodChain track + mesh belt conveyor
Transmission directionLeft → right
Transmission speed0~2000 mm /min  
Chain track widening range30~350 mm
Transmission mesh belt width400 mm
power supplyA3ø380V 50HZ
Normal operating power/total power3/38.5KW
net weight920KG

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