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Small lead-free reflow soldering machine with eight temperature zones GSD-8SACategory:Reflow soldering machine series

Introduction:Small lead-free reflow soldering machine with eight temperature zones GSD-8SA


The model and brand of the key parts of the small eight-temperature zone lead-free reflow soldering machine GSD-8SA

Thermostat control Japan RKC

Speed ??control motor Zhongda motor

Hot air motor Taiwan Shanyue 25W tooth box 1: 150K

Intermediate relay OMRON (OMRON)

Heating wire Taiwan Taiwan Exhibition (external stainless steel with heat sink, internal imported nickel-chromium wire)

Solid State Relay Yangming 40A (FOTEK)

AC contactor Schneider (Schneider)

Time relay CKC

Thermocouple Taiwan Yinguang

Structure characteristics of small lead-free reflow soldering machine GSD-8SA with eight temperature zones

● The skeleton coat is made of T:2.0 national standard Angang cold-rolled plate, the steel frame structure is reasonable, not easy to deform, and the welding adopts two-guarantee welding, which is stable and solid. , CNC machined processing, reasonable design of the upper cover, easy to open, mechanical structure support, inspection and maintenance of the motor, convenient and simple. It is safe and labor-saving to open. The whole machine has reasonable design, high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

● The insulation layer is made of high-quality aluminum silicate insulation material, and the multi-layer insulation furnace design. The surface temperature of the furnace outer jacket is about 5 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, which effectively reduces the working environment temperature, has good insulation effect, and heats up quickly, from room temperature to working temperature. ≤20min; Special furnace design, power consumption is the lowest in the industry.

● The furnace is more convenient to open, and the safety rod is supported and protected, which is safe and reliable; the heating module adopts a split combination, which has stable performance, quick disassembly and maintenance, and more convenient replacement of the heating wire; the interior is all made of alloy aluminum plate, CNC machined, precise size, workmanship Refined, it eliminates the defects of internal paint removal and deformation in traditional reflow soldering; lead-free environmental protection design, and passed CE, ROHS certification, and the external noise is only 50DB.

● Reasonable mechanical transmission parts are processed by precision machine tools. The transmission method of PCB board adopts stepless speed regulation, mesh belt conveying, and excellent stability; there will be no bad phenomena of traditional reflow soldering. Such as: the chain is stuck, the mesh belt is shaking.

● Independently controlled cooling system, forced air cooling; the temperature of the PCB board after the machine is ≤50℃;

Features of GSD-8SA control system of small eight-temperature zone lead-free reflow soldering machine

● The temperature control adopts the precise controller of PID intelligent operation, and adopts the imported high-current solid-state circuit breaker non-contact output through PID intelligent operation, which is safe and reliable.

● The temperature curve of the machine can be tested at any time by the furnace temperature tester, and the data curve can be analyzed, stored and printed;

● Automatically monitor and display the temperature and display the working status of the equipment, which is helpful for monitoring the equipment at any time;

● Special forced hot air circulation structure system, so that the PCB and components are evenly heated, and completely eliminate the "shadow effect".

Guangshengde small reflow soldering is mass-produced and supplied from stock; customers and distributors across the country are welcome to order.

ItemSpecification type
Number of heating zonesUp eight down eight
Length of heating zone2760mm
heating methodHot air + infrared
PCB Maximum width350mm
Transport directionLeft → right
Transport height880±20mm
Delivery methodMesh belt drive
Transportation speed0~2000mm/min
power supply5-wire 3-phase 380V50HZ
Normal operating power/total power3KW/25KW
Heating time15 minutes
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature~300℃
Temperature control methodPID closed loop control, SSR drive
Temperature control accuracy±1℃
PCB Plate temperature distribution deviation±2℃
Abnormal alarmAbnormal temperature (ultra-high temperature or ultra-low temperature after constant temperature)
weight KG450KG

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