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International Business News Interview with Chairman Hu Wen of GrandSeed

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The reporter of international business daily made a special trip to GrandSeedheadquarters and made an exclusive interview with Hu Wen, chairman of GrandSeed. The following is a reprint of the report made by international business daily after an exclusive interview with Chairman GrandSeed.

The reporter of international business daily made a special trip to GrandSeedheadquarters and made an exclusive interview with Hu Wen, chairman of GrandSeed. The following is a reprint of the report made by international business daily after an exclusive interview with Chairman GrandSeed.

Introducing Chinese intelligent equipment to the world

 Hu Wen, chairman of GrandSeed

  GrandSeed, founded in 2002, is a supplier of intelligent equipment technology solutions in China. Professional engaged in printing machine, Mounter, reflow soldering, wave soldering, electronic and electrical assembly aging test line, industrial robot and SMT peripheral equipment R & D and manufacturing. The company is committed to building an integrated production line in the electronic industry. The founder of GrandSeed is Mr. Hu Wen.

  Strive to realize the intelligent equipment of surpassing the achievements of human beings



Zhang Guangjian, head of Guangdong reporter Station of international business daily (second from left), and Zou Hong, vice president and Secretary General of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce for import and export (third from left), visit Hu Wen, chairman of guangshengde (third from right)

Hu Wen has a dream of intelligent equipment“ In the future, manufacturing enterprises will rely on automatic management and systematic management, "Hu Wen said on several occasions.

More than 20 years ago, Hu Wen wandered alone in Shenzhen, the frontier city of reform and opening up. He started from a technician, engineer and chief engineer in the mechanical and electrical industry step by step. His diligence and unremitting efforts soon made him stand out and become the technical backbone of the mechanical and electrical industry. He studied abroad and obtained a master's degree in business administration.

When he visited abroad with a broad vision, he found that there were only a dozen or even a few people working in factories with several thousand square meters of Japanese capital, while there were hundreds of people in each workshop of domestic enterprises, because foreign enterprises used automatic equipment and assembly line operation, and at that time these imported equipment were expensive, which domestic enterprises could not afford.


  GrandSeed Exhibition Center

Why can't the Chinese make their own intelligent equipment?

Hu Wen, who has become the face-to-face chief engineer, believes that this is a cause with broad prospects and benefits the people.

However, when Hu Wen, full of confidence, went to the business director with a good plan and suggestions, no one was willing to adopt his plan. Hu Wen, who wanted to change the future and realize his dream, decided to do it on his own.

However, there are many difficulties in the process of independent entrepreneurship. People around us, including investors, all think that "intelligent equipment is made by outsiders, but not by Chinese people", not to mention a lot of capital investment.

On March 27, 2002, Hu Wen finally got his own business license. After struggling to complete the original accumulation, the venture partners went their separate ways, and the impact of the 2008 world financial crisis on the establishment of self built sales channels and independent brands, guangshengde has been tenacious in survival and continuous development. At present, guangshengde has three subsidiaries, With four branches, two production bases, nearly 100 patents and a number of software copyrights, it has become a well-known brand in the field of electronic production equipment.

From learning from the advanced equipment technology of the west to surpassing them, and exporting the Chinese intelligent equipment to some advanced countries, guangshengde has created a miracle myth.

Unique corporate culture


  Hu Wen (right), chairman of GrandSeed, introduces spraying robot

Reporters found that approaching grandseed was a surprise everywhere.

There is no cleaner in grandseed, and the company advocates that employees do not make rubbish and bring no trouble;

As the provider of intelligent equipment technology, its factory itself is a model of intelligent labor cost saving, and thousands of square workshops do not need several people; Grandseed has five branches, with only 130 employees;

Grandseed took the lead in adopting piecemeal wages in the electronics industry, and now there are few companies that can successfully implement employee piece work.

There are 130 employees in grandseed, 47 of them are R & D personnel, more than 1/3 of them are engaged in R & D, and most of them are very young graduate students, doctors and postdoctoral students;

This enterprise is particularly outstanding in fulfilling the social responsibility of the enterprise, and almost all the staff participate in volunteer work;

Hu said that a year's enterprises rely on luck, ten years of enterprises rely on management, and 100 years of enterprises rely on culture. Grandseed's corporate culture shows the unique cultural charm and stands out in the middle and high-tech enterprises.

To create a second Huawei


  Spraying robot independently developed by GrandSeed

GrandSeed has established five standard exhibition centers in South China, East China, West China and North China. At the same time, GrandSeed has also become a high-tech enterprise, double soft enterprise, Alibaba dream seeking base, China manufacturing dream seeking base, and a production university research cooperation base for universities such as Guangdong University of technology, Anhui University of engineering and Harbin University of technology.

Low key and pragmatic, calm and bottom line is the essence of this enterprise, and also the style of chairman guangshengde.

In interviews, Hu Wen often talks about "if you are in full bloom, the butterfly will come." he says that GrandSeed focuses on enterprise development and practices internal power amplifier well. For this reason, he refuses to go public in a hurry for quick success and instant benefits. "Performance gambling will bring down good enterprises. As long as the enterprises are well prepared, it should be a natural thing for them to go public." Hu Wen says, "if you want to be the second Huawei", so, Hu Wen took more than 30% of the shares to retain the core talents.

Focusing on professional development, GrandSeed has a strong core competitiveness in the field of electronic equipment industry. GrandSeed brand Mounter almost surpasses all external Mounter equipment manufacturers, and the mounter no longer relies on import in the domestic market.

GrandSeed is an enterprise that can keep the bottom line. The bottom line is that it doesn't do fake things. Hu Wen stressed that "high tech enterprises only earn money from conscience, people are doing it, and heaven is watching it.".


  GrandSeed electronic automation equipment is exported to Germany and other developed countries

  So far, GrandSeed products have been sold to more than 50 companies all over the world. With sustained, healthy and steady development, GrandSeed meets the needs of electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, communication, defense, medical treatment, automobile and other fields in an all-round way, and provides intelligent equipment and solutions for Chinese people to customers all over the world. Hu Wen hopes to walk out of the road of prospering the country through science and technology with his own persistence, The intelligent equipment of the Chinese people will be introduced to the world, so that the world can see the strength of the Chinese people.


Source: International Business News

Reporter: Huang Zhiwei

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