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Large button type lead-free double wave soldering machine GB-N351KCategory:Solder Paste Printer Series

Introduction:Guangshengde large button wave soldering technical parameters, performance advantages and structural system characteristics, detailed picture description


一、The characteristics of the control system of Guangshengde large push-button lead-free dual-wave soldering machine GB-N351K

● Key-press control system, intuitive operation interface, PCBASE wave soldering control software V1.0 system independently developed by Guangshengde, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces production costs;

● Fully automatic transportation power system, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic synchronization into the board, and the PCB board automatically enters the spray system.

二、the characteristics of the spray system of Guangshengde large button double wave soldering machine GB-N351K

● Adopt Lumina nozzle, spray range 20~65mm, adjustable fan, height 50~80mm adjustable, flow rate 60ml/min.

● Imported filters, control valves and pipe joints are used, and the air pressure is displayed digitally. The air pipes of all spray systems adopt acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant SMC air pipes.

● The flux spray system adopts a scanning spray method, which adopts a combination control of a limit proximity switch and a plate-in optical eye, and automatically detects the inductive spray of the PCB according to the speed and width of the PCB. To achieve the best effect of the wetting range of the flux, imported nozzles and rodless cylinders, dedicated drive control system, accurate and reliable; (Patent No.: ZL 2011 2 0461844.8)

● Stainless steel is used as a tray under the nozzle, which is used to hold waste water and flux, which can be taken out and cleaned at will;

● The ventilation system is a labyrinth-type automatic recovery system, double-layer stainless steel wire mesh filtration, and the use of fluid characteristics to maximize filtration and recovery of excess flux

● Equipped with adjustable direction and air pressure air knife to blow the excess flux during spraying into the recycling box to prevent the flux from entering the preheating zone and ensure production safety.

● All stainless steel + aluminum alloy bracket, easy to clean and maintain. High level of anti-corrosion and durable.

三、The preheating system features of Guangshengde large button double wave soldering machine GB-N351K

● PID temperature control is accurate and reliable, imported thermocouple detection system, with thermocouple abnormal alarm function.

● The preheating system adopts a three-stage preheating control system for far-infrared ceramic heating tubes, which can provide a wide and sufficient preheating adjustment space, which can eliminate the phenomenon of poor soldering of large components on the PCB, and adaptable low solid residue no-clean rosin flux ; 3-stage preheating and heating automatic adjustment system to reduce multiple impacts of the PCB board, and the PCB board is heated evenly.

● Adopt Taiwan Taiwan Exhibition heating element, fast heating, long life, low thermal inertia; using far-infrared ceramic heating, evenly send the heat to the bottom of the PCB, the temperature of the temperature zone is uniform, the temperature of each temperature zone is complementary, and there is no deep groove phenomenon.

● The preheating system adopts modular design, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning. It is filled with aluminum silicate thermal insulation material. When the preheating zone is set at 140℃, the external surface temperature is below 50℃, which enhances the thermal insulation effect and reduces Power consumption.

四、 the characteristics of the large-scale push-button lead-free double wave soldering machine GB-N351K welding system of Guangshengde

● The PCB board enters the soldering area of the tin furnace, and the soldering starts automatically, and the crest is automatically stopped after the soldering is completed. (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0056206.3)

● Lead-free and environmentally friendly independent design of the tin furnace, lifting and in and out, convenient and safe, easy to clean;

● The tin furnace is made of high-quality imported stainless steel, and the aluminum silicate insulation material is insulated. The temperature outside the furnace is less than or equal to 60°C when the temperature in the furnace is 270℃.

● 3MM thick lead-free stainless steel material, high temperature and corrosion resistance, suitable for lead-free technology, long life; a furnace is standard.

● The tin furnace adopts a 5-side heating method, which heats up quickly, and is designed with automatic on/off time. The tin furnace can be produced after 70 minutes of heating time.

● The tin furnace adopts imported high temperature motor, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, independent control, stable peak performance;

● The heating of the tin furnace adopts high-speed PID external heating type two-stage independent control, and the temperature rises quickly, which solves the shortcomings of tin furnace explosion;

● The nozzle of the tin furnace can be adjusted according to the width of the PCB board you want to pass, reducing the area of the ineffective soldering area, keeping the solder and air contact area to a minimum, and greatly reducing the amount of solder oxidation. The impurity content of the tin bars is different from the tin dross. Suitable for various lead-free solders of Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Zn, Sn/Cu, and the oxidation amount of tin dross is within 0.8-2.0KG every 8 hours (depending on the size of the PCB board)

● Increase diversion trough and anti-oxidation sleeve to reduce black powder and bean curd dregs oxide.

● The design of the tin furnace is reasonable, and the tin slag is automatically collected. It is simple, convenient and safe to clean the tin furnace. It can be cleaned once a week or longer according to the situation without having to pick up the tin slag every day.

The oxidation amount of tin slag in the traditional wave crest machine tin furnace is 5-8KG/8 hours. If the improved tin furnace is used to save tin at least 5KG per day, the monthly savings: 118 yuan * 5KG * 22 (day) = 12980 yuan (Calculated by SnGu0.7) or 76*5KG*22 (day)=8360 yuan (calculated by 6337Sn), the price of a wave crest machine in one year.

The unique advantages of Guangshengde wave soldering

1. Guangshengde wave soldering is underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company of China, and the amount of compensation can reach 5 million. Guangshengde wave soldering brings greater guarantee for customers' safe production.

2. The purchase of Guangshengde wave soldering can be paid by monthly installments, please consult Guangshengde for details.

Guangshengde large button type double wave soldering machine GB-N351K main features detail map


Positioning and installation of Guangshengde large key-type lead-free double wave soldering machine

1. After the machine is placed in the designated place, lower the foot cup and level the frame of the whole machine so that the four corners of the machine are in a horizontal position.

2. Check the transportation guide rail and tin furnace with a level to make them in a horizontal position, lift the transportation guide rail and adjust the angle of the guide rail to 4°, raise the tin furnace so that the nozzle is about 10mm away from the chain claw. Transmission angle adjustment: The soldering angle is adjusted due to the different design of the circuit board and the different requirements of the solder joints. The usual soldering angle is about 4°. If the quality and requirements of the solder joints are not met, it can be adjusted at 4° Adjust arbitrarily between -6°, turn the angle adjustment handwheel, and drive the two vertical screw rods to rotate and lift synchronously through the sprocket and chain. (Note: If the adjustment angle needs to be increased, the tin furnace must be lowered first to avoid damage due to the top pressure of the conveying claw.)

3, the machine is connected to electricity

Wiring requirements: 3ΦX380V, 50HZ (three-phase five-wire system), the required capacity is not less than 30KVA, the enclosure is grounded, the grounding resistance is ≤10Ω, the grounding wire is not less than 4MM?, and the air source is not less than 2KG liters CM.

Guangshengde wave soldering mass production, stock supply


Guangshengde wave soldering is underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company of China, and the compensation amount can reach 5 million. Wave soldering users can use it with confidence!

ItemSpecification type
way to controlPress Jian + PLC (Guang Shengde PCBASE wave soldering control software V1.0)
Transport motor1P  AC220V,60W
Transportation speed0 ~ 2000mm/min
Substrate size30 ~ 350mm(w)
Flux capacity6L
Preheating zone1800mm three-stage PID independent control, room temperature~250℃
Tin furnace heating1KW * 10PCS Room temperature~300℃
Tin furnace capacity350KG
Crest height0~12MM
Crest motor3P  AC220V, 0.18KW * 2PCS
Claw washing pump1P  AC220V 6W
Transport directionLeft → right
Welding angle3~6 º
Flux air pressure3~5BAR
power supplyAC380V 50HZ
Normal operating power/total power8KW / 21KW
net weight1150KG

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