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Lead-free soldering furnace for wave solderingCategory:Solder Paste Printer Series

Introduction:Process characteristics and body structure of Guangshengde energy-saving tin-free lead-free wave soldering furnace


Technological characteristics of Guangshengde energy-saving tin-free lead-free wave soldering furnace

一、1. How is the tin dross produced by wave soldering? High temperature tin exposed to the air will react with oxygen in the air to produce black powdery tin dross. The tin in wave soldering makes a large amount of high-temperature tin contact with air when the wave is rolling, which makes it easier to produce a large amount of tin dross. From Figure 1, you can see that our Guangshengde wave soldering furnace nozzle can be based on the PCB board you want. The width is adjusted to reduce the area of the ineffective welding area, keep the solder and air contact area to a minimum, and greatly reduce the amount of solder oxidation. The amount of tin dross oxidation is within 0.8-2.0KG every 8 hours (depending on the size of the PCB).


二、Guangshengde adds an anti-oxidation sleeve to the wave source generator of the wave soldering motor to reduce black powder and tofu-like oxides. The rotating shaft of the tin furnace wave generator motor on the market directly touches the tin. When the rotating shaft rotates at a high speed, it will rub against the tin, which will cause a large amount of tin ash and cause the manufacturer to waste the cost of soldering. Our Guangshengde tin The furnace wave generator motor shaft has specially developed a new technology "anti-oxidation sleeve" so that the motor shaft does not directly contact the solder, so that a large amount of tin ash is not produced, which saves customers the production cost.


三、Guangshengde wave soldering lead-free tin furnace body structure

1. One tin furnace inner tank: made of 3mm thick imported 316 stainless steel

2. Two wave source generators: made of imported 316 stainless steel

3. Two tin furnace nozzles: made of imported 316 stainless steel, and the secondary nozzle is made of special technology. The width of the wave peak is adjustable, which effectively reduces the amount of oxidation

4. Two impeller shafts: made of imported 316 stainless steel

5. Two impellers: made of imported 316 stainless steel

6. A set of tin nozzles: made of imported 316 stainless steel

7. Ten cast iron heating plates and several high temperature wires

8. A set of additional parts for tin furnace mixing part

9. A set of tin furnace shell: surface spray treatment (black)

10. A set of manual lifting and removing mechanism for tin furnace

11. Two high temperature motors imported from Italy for tin furnace mixing

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