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Three anti-paint spraying machineCategory:Solder Paste Printer Series

Introduction:The latest streamlined shell design, using 4040 square-pass steel as the frame, 2mm thick steel plate bending to make the shell, there are six universal wheels at the bottom of the...


Guangshengde three anti-paint spraying machine structure diagram


Product features of Guangshengde three anti-paint spraying machine

1. The latest streamlined shell design, using 4040 square-pass steel as the frame, 2mm thick steel plate bending to make the shell, there are six universal wheels at the bottom of the body, and six foot cups for positioning and placement (the level and height of the body can be adjusted) ; The front door is designed with two curved tempered glass and the maximum viewing angle.

2. All are fully enclosed two-open transparent toughened glass door structure, each door is equipped with dual hydraulic gas springs to stretch the lid to ensure operation and maintenance space.

3. Sliding hanging door structure, maintenance and operation are safe and convenient.

4. Two sets of explosion-proof lighting lamps are installed.

5. The whole machine is sprayed with computer ash.

6. Adopt Japanese Lumina nozzle, spray range 20~65mm, adjustable fan, height 50~80mm adjustable, flow rate 60ml/min

7. Imported filter, control valve and pipe joint are adopted, and the air pressure is displayed digitally. The air pipes of all spray systems adopt acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant SMC air pipes

8. Driven by stepper motor of Taiwan Dongfang/Baishan, intelligently controlled by Mitsubishi PLC from Japan, using limit proximity switch and plate-in optical eye to control the combination, according to the speed and width of the PCB to automatically detect the inductive spray of the PCB.

9. Stainless steel is used as a tray under the nozzle, which is used to hold waste water and three-proof paint, which can be taken out and cleaned at will;

10. Ventilation system: double-layer stainless steel wire mesh filtration, using the characteristics of the fluid to maximize the filtration and recovery of excess flux

11. Equipped with adjustable direction and air pressure air knife, which blows the excess flux into the recycling box during spraying to prevent the three-proof paint from entering the drying area and ensure production safety.

12. All stainless steel + aluminum alloy bracket, easy to clean and maintain. High level of anti-corrosion and durable.

13. PID temperature control is accurate and reliable, imported thermocouple detection system, with thermocouple abnormal alarm function.

l 1300mm/1 section independent temperature control, can provide a wide and sufficient preheating adjustment space, can eliminate the phenomenon of poor soldering of large components on the PCB, adaptable low solid residue three-proof paint; reduce multiple impacts of the PCB board, PCB board Even heating can improve production efficiency.

14. Adopt Taiwan Taiwan Exhibition heating element, fast heating, long life, low thermal inertia; using far-infrared heating, evenly send the heat to the bottom of the PCB, the temperature of the temperature zone is uniform, the temperature of each temperature zone is complementary, and there is no deep groove phenomenon.

15. The drying zone system adopts a tunnel-type modular design, which is easy to repair and clean and maintain

16. The streamlined appearance design is filled with aluminum silicate thermal insulation material. When the temperature of the drying zone is set to 110°, the external surface temperature is below 40°, which enhances the thermal insulation effect and reduces power consumption.

17. The special aluminum guide rail uses high temperature and wear resistance, and the special thermal compensation anti-deformation telescopic structure of the stainless steel guide rail ensures that the guide rail does not deform and does not fall off the board.

18. Three-point synchronous guide rail width adjustment device, worm wheel, worm heightening precision screw width adjustment, the width adjustment accuracy is less than 0.2mm, 6-point support, so that the guide rails are parallel and consistent, no size head, the entire guide rail installation, do not need to be cut .

20. Guangshengde special conveyor chain (not deformed), the thickness of the splint ≦2.5mm (the incoming plate is connected by a synchronous chain)

21. Taiwan Taili frequency conversion 90W motor, with overload force limiter protection device!

22. There is a thermocouple abnormal alarm function; motor overload protection alarm

23. There are two emergency systems at the nose and tail of the aircraft. Please press it in special and emergency situations.

PCB board adjustable widthMax.50~300mm
PCB board transportation height750±50mm
PCB board transportation speed0~2.0M/Min
PCB board transportation directionLeft → right
Height limit of components on PCBMax.100mm
Length of drying zone1300mm
Number of preheating zones1
Power of preheating zone3kw
Preheating zone temperatureRoom temperature~110℃ can be set
heating methodInfrared
Temperature control methodP.I.D+SSR
Whole machine control methodtouch screen+PLC
Three anti-paint capacity6L
Spray methodRodless cylinder + Lumina nozzle
power supply3-phase 5-wire system 380V
Starting power6kw
Normal operating power2.5kw
Gas source4~7KG/CM2  
Frame sizeL3000×W1200×H1650MM

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