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WD350R Wave Soldering

FeaturesTechnical parameters

l  Efficient,energy-saving,lead-free,environment-friendly,safe,and brand-new design,simple operation,

convenient maintenance

l  Automatic conveying power system, with non-level frequency conversing speed adjustment and auto synchronous board feeding functions.

l  Flux spray system using scanning spray nozzle,Japanese nozzles and rodless pneumatic cylinders and PLC control ,accurate and reliable

l  Remote infrared ceramic heating pipes are adopted in the preheating system which ensures good heat preservation effect ,high heating up speed and even temperature

l  Special alloy transportation chain claws , non-stick tin,reinforced, and ensure the quality of welding PCB board

l  Tin stove adopts imported high frequency conversion motor independent control,stable performance

l  Lead-free solder furnace with independent design ,environment protection and safety , easy to clean

l  Tin heating furnace uses high-speed PID and 2-stept independent outer –heating control ,warm-up quickly and eliminates the flaws of stove tin explodes

l  With time controller ,can preset switch functions ,tin stove machine heating picks up in 90minutes

l  Reasonable design of environment protection,and automatic washing claw ,ensure the cleanliness of claws

l  The design is reasonable and safe with sensitive fault alarm system ,to ensure the stable performance the safety of operators

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